How do I manage my DNS records?

Domain Names

One of our focuses at Sitefoundry is making it simple to manage domain names and web hosting. Managing DNS records is no exception. There are just a few steps to add, edit or remove records.

  1. Go to the domain management page for your domain name.
  2. Select Nameservers to check your current nameservers. You will need to set these to our default nameservers if you are using custom nameservers.
  3. Select the DNS Management option, which will take you to a separate page where you can manage your DNS records. If your domain name has not been properly configured to point to our default nameservers, you will receive a warning message at the top of the page.
  4. Add, edit and remove the records as you wish!

As stated above, DNS records will only work when your domain name is pointing to our default nameservers. If you are concerned about how this will affect your web hosting, or other services that may currently be connected, please contact our helpdesk.

While DNS management can be a little bit tricky for beginners, there are a couple of simple records you will probably find yourself adding.

  • A Name or CNAME records for your root domain that point to your web hosting server; and
  • MX Records that point to your mail server.

If you are not confident enough to set these up yourself, our helpdesk would be delighted to either walk you through it, or set the records on your behalf.

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