What are the nameservers for my web hosting?

Web Hosting

After you have purchased your web hosting, you will need to link it with your domain name. This is achieved by pointing your domain name to your web hosting using nameservers. This might sound a little intimidating, but there are only a few steps to it.

  1. Open the email you received from Sitefoundry informing you that your hosting has been activated. Take note of the two nameservers listed in this email.
  2. Go to your domain name management page in Dash and select the Nameservers link.
  3. Enter the nameservers you noted earlier and save changes.

It might take a few hours for the new nameservers to kick in, but once they do, everything will be ready to go.

Is your domain name registered elsewhere? No problem. You can still use the same nameservers, but the process for updating them might be a little different. Please consult your current registrar about how you can update your domain’s namservers.

We recommend transferring your domain name to Sitefoundry in order to unify it with your web hosting. It also makes it easier for us to provide you with support!

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